Celsius Network Review

Trusting the notion of a new economy, where everyone has financial freedom and the chance to grow financially, Celsius Network as a fintech, crypto-backed wealth management platform provides a base to earn from lending and borrowing of blockchain assets. The economic model of Celsius Network rests upon the belief that financial services must serve the interests of the community.

Established in 2017, Celsius Network offers to earn through an extensive variety of crypto assets while reducing the risks involved. In March 2018, Celsius made CEL Tokens available globally and now Celsius is accessible in more than 100 countries around the world where you can buy, borrow, and pay in 30+ cryptocurrencies. Financial freedom is what Celsius have set as their goal. Let’s find out more about this with-it platform in our Celsius Network review.

What is Celsius Network

Celsius Network is a blockchain-based interest-earning service where you can put your money to work by borrowing or lending digital currency to earn profit. Celsius offers curated financial services such as fair interest, zero fees, and quick transactions, not approachable thru traditional financial organizations. The reward winning mechanism of this London-based company functions on the transfer of coins to Celsius Wallet and borrowing USD against crypto collateral and the interest rates are possibly lower as 1% APR (Annual Percentage Rate).

Celsius Network holds the vision to grow digital currency such a commodity that is meaningfully and flexibly reachable to all. Currently, Celsius has processed $8.20B in loans and holds $10,001,846,388 in community assets while the global users are more than 521k. An investor in Celsius, Alpha Sigma Capital, has recently claimed that Celsius would annually arise by 25% through 2025. Celsius’s goal is to add 10 million people to crypto.

How Celsius Network Works

Celsius Network is determined to return up to 80% of the revenues on weekly basis to its users by lending their deposited assets to institutions and individuals.

Celsius Account/ Celsius Wallet Creation

Celsius Network currently has no web-based/desktop version and only mobile app is available on the Google Play Store and App Store.

After downloading the Celsius Network app tap on the “Join Celsius” button. You can sign up by choosing your desired platform from Facebook, Google Account, Twitter, or Email. Be sure when you choose any of them because you cannot change your selected option later on. Then you have to enter all the required details to create your Celsius Wallet. You can enter your referral code if you have any as you won’t be able to enter it once your account is verified. After filling out the form just strike the “Create wallet” button. Then you have to enter and re-enter your 6-digit PIN.

To be able to use Celsius Wallet successfully you need to completer the KYC (verify profile) process. To verify your account, you will have to choose any one of the following.

  • National ID card
  • Passport
  • Driver’s License

*Us residents are required to provide their Social Security Number (SSN) to get rewards from Celsius wallet.

Account Security

Celsius Network recommends the following points to have a secured Celsius Wallet.

  1. Use a unique and stronger email password
  2. Use 2FA for email login
  3. Choose a unique and secure password for your Celsius wallet
  4. Use a distinctive PIN
  5. Use 2FA for your Celsius wallet
  6. Use HODL Mode (temporarily disable mode) if you do not want transactions for an extended period of time

Types of Celsius Wallet

  • Individual Wallet
  • Corporate Wallet

Celsius Network Features

Unbank Yourself

With Celsius, you can get rid of the traditional banking system that takes your money and charges you for handling it and you only get a small interest percentage. Celsius Network gives you 80% of the profits.

Modern Tools

Celsius Network app is replete with modern tools for 24/7 purchasing, earning, withdrawing, and tracking. You can enjoy stress-free financial services and access your funds without any specific requirements.

Earnings Calculator

Use the Celsius earnings calculator to count your potential return. This calculator shows estimated earnings in 39 available cryptocurrencies and CEL Token as well for up to 20 years’ time period.

Zero fees

One of the most attractive features of Celsius Network is that you can withdraw any amount at any time without being charged. The fee-less withdrawal amount should be at least $1 in value.

Start with Just $1

Celsius Network offers no minimum deposit limit to earn your interest. You can begin with as low as just $1.

Referral Program

When your family member or friend uses the referral code provided by you to sign up, deposit $200 and keep this amount in Celsius wallet for one month, both of you will receive a reward of $20.

Exclusive Reward for Ambassadors

Celsius ambassadors are given priority when new tools and rewards are available. You can earn up to $100 for every loan client you refer to join Celsius Network. You can become a Celsius ambassador by using your skills to help Celsius grow e.g. you can make videos in different languages to promote Celsius, do competitor comparisons, dedicate websites to Celsius Network, write social media posts, blogs, and reviews about Celsius and its products.

Funds do not Get Locked

Traditional lending platforms lock your crypto for a specific time to make you earn interest, but Celsius Network liberates you from this bondage rendering you full control of your funds as you can withdraw your crypto whenever you need it.

Crypto as Collateral

As a P2P loans platform, Celsius allows you to get a cash loan while using your crypto as collateral. This Celsius gives you financial flexibility by accepting a wide variety of coins so that you may secure a loan securely. But do remember that you cannot earn profits on your cryptos when they are locked as collateral.

Compound Interest

Celsius offers compound interest on your earned interests. Rewards on your coins are compounded and you can earn rewards when funds are credited to your Celsius wallet.

No Paperwork

On Celsius, you can apply for a loan without any complexity and paperwork. Apply on the Celsius app your loan would get approved instantly.

Loan Term Length

You are facilitated to choose the term length according to your ease. Celsius offers standard loan agreements for 6, 12, 18, 24, 30, and 36-month terms. There is always an option to extend your loan payment term, and there is no penalty if you want to close your loan earlier.


Celsius’s custodians i.e. Fireblocks and Prime Trust provide insurance for digital assets when they are under the control of Celsius. However, there is no insurance when assets are lent out, but Celsius ensures the repayment of loans by requiring up to 150% collateral against the loans to be taken out.


Celsius is highly concerned about the security of its users. To ensure account security Celsius provides the following security options.

  1. 2FA
  2. PIN
  3. Photo/Video verification
  4. HODL Mode
  5. Biometric

Customer Service

Celsius offers a ‘contact form’ only to support customer service.

Weekly Payouts

Customers’ rewards are calculated weekly every Friday as per current market conditions, and the rewards can be withdrawn every Monday. No matter if you have transferred funds in the middle of the week, you are still eligible to earn rewards.

Mobile App

Celsius offers no web-based desktop service. Celsius Network mobile app is available on Google Play Store and App Store. You can access all the Celsius features anywhere and anytime right from your phone.

Celsius Network Products/Services

Celsius Crypto Loans

Celsius crypto offers you a loan service that you can benefit from in cash (dollar loans) or stablecoins against crypto collateral. Now, you don’t need to sell your crypto assets because there are tax implications (capital gains). Celsius loans are over-collateralized to avoid the losses of market volatility.

Supported Coins

Celsius allows loans against all the supported coins available on the app.

Interest Rates

Loan interest rates with Celsius are the lowest in the business as they start at just 0.7% APR. Moreover, the interest rates depend on LTV (loan-to-value), the more the collateral the lower the interest rate will be. Besides, if you use CEL tokens to pay your interest, you will pay lesser.

Loan Calculator

The loan calculator tool will help you out to know exactly the collateral amount against your loan.

Celsius Network Loan Calculator
Celsius loan calculator

Loan Release Duration

You can get stablecoins loans immediately after the approval without any credit check. Stablecoins are directly paid to your Celsius wallet. If you are a US customer and you have initiated a dollar loan, the loan deposit would take 1 business day or be deposited the same day. However, for international clients, it might take 3-5 working days.

Repayment Term Length

Celsius crypto issues loans for 6, 12,18, 24, 30, and 36-month terms. You can also extend your tem-limit whenever you want and there is no penalty at all if you want to repay the loan before the end of the loan term.

Multiple Loans

Celsius Network offers multiple loans facility for its customers.


You can earn your rewards by crediting your Celsius wallet with funds. There are two options to earn rewards.

  • Earn in-kind

You will earn BTC on BTC, ETH on ETH, etc.

  • Earn in CEL

You will earn CEL tokens on BTC (not available for US users currently)

Celsius crypto accepts more than 35 cryptocurrencies rewards are calculated weekly every Friday. Furthermore, there is no minimum deposit limit to start earning, and you won’t be penalized for not maintaining a minimum amount or withdrawing your funds.

Current Reward Rates for International Users

Celsius Network Reward Rates International users p1
Celsius Network Reward Rates
Celsius Network Reward Rates International users p2
Celsius Network Reward Rates

Current Reward Rates for US Users

Celsius Network Reward Rates US Users p1
Celsius Network Reward Rates US Users
Celsius Network Reward Rates US Users p2

You can view the full rates detail on https://celsius.network/earn-rewards-on-your-crypto/

CEL Token

The native token of Celsius crypto, Celsius token (CEL token), was initiated in 2018. It betters Celsius’ earning and reward system. It brings big earning chances for its users.

With the CEL token you can have access to:

  • Priority for loans
  • Better earning rates
  • Better dollar loan rates
  • Better coin loan rates
  • Premium support

Higher Rewards

If you get your weekly rewards in CEL tokens you are eligible for up to 25% more rewards on non-CEL deposits.

Lower Loan Rates

Loan repayment rates will be reduced by up to 30% if you choose CEL token to pay them.

Total CEL Tokens

The total number of CEL tokens: 695,663,643.3779 (2 months ago)

Loyalty Tiers

How much can you earn if you choose the CEL token for your rewards? It all depends on your loyalty tier.

Celsius Network Token Rewards
Celsius Network Token Rewards

*US users cannot benefit from CEL rewards.

CEL Tokens Trade Exchanges

  • IDEX
  • Liquid
  • Switcheo Network
  • Uniswap
  • Totle
  • Loopring
  • Dharma
  • Bittrex

Celsius Flywheel

As Celsius Network grows, there is a chance for CEL holders to participate in its emergence and success. CEL Flywheel is specially designed to let the CEL holders take more and more advantage. The number of people taking part in the CEL token utility system determines the value of the CEL token.

The CEL token economic flywheel works like this:

As more people join Celsius Network, they prefer to earn in CEL token. When the demand for CEL increases, Celsius has to purchase more CEL so that they may pay interest. In this way, buying pressure on exchanges ascends. All this process works like a wheel because it gets repeated.

Celsius Flywheel Token Economics
Celsius Flywheel Token Economics


CelPay is a unique payment product of Celsius Network. You can transfer assets to anyone with the Celsius wallet or even without a wallet. You will get a link to share when you choose to send digital currency. Moreover, unlike traditional payment networks, CelPay does not charge any fee on transactions, and it is perfectly compatible with all the cryptos available on the app.

How to CelPay in three simple steps:

  1. Choose a recipient
  2. Select coin and amount
  3. Add a note and send

Email Confirmation

You have to confirm your email to make the link function.

Transaction Limit

CelPay limit for 1 day (24 hours) is $2,500.

Celsius Network Fees

Celsius Network services are absolutely free.

Just have a look.

  • No withdrawal fee
  • No transfer fee
  • No transaction fee
  • No early termination fee
  • No origination fee

Crypto Buying Fees

Although Celsius does not charge any fee for its services, yet some fees are charged by Celsius’s partners to buy coins in-app.

Simplex Fees

Simplex is a partner with Celsius and it charges as low as 3.5% or a $10 fee when you purchase crypto. For EEA and UK users, the fees are just 2.99%.

Purchase Limits

  • Daily limit is $20,000
  • Monthly limit is $50,000


GEM also provides in-app crypto purchases. Wyre and Coinify are the crypto providers. Wyre is authorized for the US only while Coinify is authorized for EU and non-EU areas.

  • Wyre charges 0.1% for ACH transfer
  • Coinify charges
  • 0.5% for manual bank transfer
  • 2% on EU credit card purchase
  • 3.5% on non-EU credit card purchase

Wyre Limits (bank transfers)

  • $1 – $5000 per week
  • $20,000 per month

Coinify Limits (bank transfer)

  • EUR 50 – EUR 50,000 per day

Coinify Limits (credit card)

  • EUR 50 – EUR 1,000 per day

*It takes 3-5 business days for your wallet to receive the coins.

Celsius Network Competitors

Celsius Network Competitors
Celsius Network Competitors
Celsius Network Competitors
Celsius Network Competitors
Celsius Network Competitors Compare
Celsius Network Competitors Compare

Other Competitors

  • Bankera
  • Bitbond
  • CoinLoan
  • Nebeus
  • Nexo
  • SALT’s
  • Electroneum
  • Abra
  • Stellar Platform
  • Metal Pay
  • Wyre
  • BitPesa
  • Request
  • Intermex
  • BlockFi
  • Weekly payout
  • No fees
  • No minimum deposit
  • No maximum deposit caps
  • Competitive interest rates
  • 30+ supported cryptocurrencies
  • Earn in-kind or in CEL
  • Security measures
  • Instant withdrawal
  • Loyalty program
  • Available in above 100 countries
  • Weekly rate fluctuations
  • Slow support
  • No web access/desktop wallet
  • No earning in CEL for US users
  • Insufficient educational resources
  • Limited to cryptocurrencies only
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