CoinMetro Review 2021

Fintech has brought about a revolution in financial services. The fintech industry is sprouting day by day and newer trading options are leaping continuously. In this scenario, it is difficult to choose a legit, secure, and trusted crypto exchange as the capital markets business is replete with scams and frauds. This has been a consistent concern for beginners as well as for professionals. CoinMetro with all the appropriate regulation and compliance processes is great to fulfill your trading needs. Our CoinMetro Review will lead you through everything about this crypto exchange.

What is CoinMetro?

CoinMetro is a privately held EU licensed financial institution that began as a crypto exchange but later developed as a financial ecosystem. With all the understanding of blockchain and crypto, CoinMetro is providing a wider scope for users to involve in the fintech space. Founded in 2017, CoinMetro, through a tokenized ecosystem, is continually working to introduce a better financial world to its users where they can buy, sell, and invest crypto. Currently, CoinMetro is providing with-it trading tools, fiat onboarding in USD, GBP, EUR, fiat to crypto swaps, products for passive income, and an investment platform for investors to generate wealth.

The goal of the company is to provide an exemplary experience for all the clients. For this purpose, CoinMetro’s team is equipped with extensive expertise in traditional finance, blockchain-based digital assets, user-focused framework, retail trading, regulatory compliance, IT, and legal aspects. CoinMetro’s company number is 14448371, and it is registered in the Republic of Estonia.

How CoinMetro Works

The CoinMetro platform works as an exchange-based order book providing pairings of digital assets and funds such as Euros. When an order is placed, it is matched with other users’ placed orders to accomplish a transaction with the help of a robust internal matching engine.

How to Sign Up on CoinMetro

Signing up on CoinMetro is a simple three steps process.
1. Simply go to and press the ‘Sign Up’ yellow button in the upper right corner of the homepage. Here, you will provide your email address, password, and password confirmation.
2. Next, carefully read the terms of use and privacy policy before checking the agree box.
3. Now, click the ‘Create My Account’ yellow button to get a confirmation email. Once you confirm your email, you are able to begin the profile verification process.

Profile Verification

Profile verification protects from legal risks and enables you to get a stable service. CoinMetro requires a selfie, proof of identity, and proof of address to verify your account.

Proof of Identity

  • Passport (from countries where CoinMetro is licensed)
  • Driver’s license (from all countries except a few)
  • Identity card (within EEA and EU)

Proof of Address

You are required to provide your complete residential address. However, the following documents may be required as proof of address in some cases.

  • Utility bill
  • Insurance
  • Bank statement/bank confirmation letter
  • Credit card statements
  • Tax income letter
  • Government-issued document

If you want to deposit or withdraw more than €500,000 per month, you have to provide your Source of Wealth.

Deposit Methods

  • Bank transfers (SEPA and SWIFT)
  • Credit card (Visa and MasterCard)
  • Crypto

Withdrawal Methods

  • Bank transfers (SEPA and SWIFT)
  • Crypto

CoinMetro Features

Tokenized Asset Management (TAM)

TAM is a unique feature of CoinMetro based on the model of a successful managed account. It is an easy way to partner with a pro trader. You just need to deposit the amount you desire in your TAM account and a pro trader will do the rest for you to grow your account and potential profit. TAM is an easily adjustable solution to all the problems and works best for beginners lacking financial knowledge or skills.

CoinMetro Tokenized Asset Management
CoinMetro Tokenized Asset Management

Electronically Traded Crypto Funds (ETCFs)

With ETCFs you can broaden your portfolio with a single click and impart liquidity to new tokens. A team of investors carefully picks digital assets and places them into an ETCF using a variety of metrics. CoinMetro even offers social media influencer scores of the token with an ETCF.

Initial Coin Offering Express (ICO)

CoinMetro ICO aims to make funding rounds secure and more transparent by deploying smart contracts and launching custom tokens The ICO platform accompanies an automatic contract system to construct smart contracts and distribute them on the Ethereum, NEO, and NEM blockchains.

XCM Token

CoinMetro exchange’s native utility token, XCM token has benefits for CoinMetro users for all the existing and coming products. XCM, an ERC-20 token, is attached to the platform activity. It is risk-free to unlock XCM from any account tier whenever you want.

CoinMetro Bond

It offers the opportunity to earn 8 – 12% annual interest which is paid daily and become a shareholder of CoinMetro. It is easily saleable to other investors.

Debit Card

CoinMetro debit cards with unique IBANs allow you to withdraw fiat currency instantly from worldwide located ATMs without moving funds beforehand.

Low Fees

CoinMetro is determined to offer the best possible services at the least possible fees i.e. starting at 0.1%.

Verification Practices

To combat money laundering and terrorist financing, CoinMetro has kept its verification practices compatible with the latest banking verification requirements.

CoinMetro holds the following security measures.

  • AML: Anti-Money Laundering
  • CTF: Counter-Terrorism Funding
  • KYC: Know-Your-Customers
  • KYT: Know-Your-Transactions


CoinMetro possesses two crucial licenses to prove its authenticity. These licenses are from:

  1. Estonian Financial Intelligence Unit
  2. Electronic Money Institution License from the Bank of Lithuania

High Security

CoinMetro offers strict security protocols to ensure customers’ security at every cost. CoinMetro’s users will enjoy a secured process of payment approval and login with the following maneuvers.

  • Two-factor authentication
  • Multi-signature transactions
  • Cold storage
  • Biometric authorization
  • NEM Enterprise Blockchain

Demo Platform

CoinMetro’s demo platform is available for trading practice without risking your valuable assets.

One Year Growth

CoinMetro’s growth in January 2021 with comparison to January 2020 is as follows.

  • Website traffic +3900%
  • New sign-ups +2500%
  • Revenue +6300%
  • Trading volume +38000%

Growth Projection

CoinMetro Volume
CoinMetro Volume

Three Crypto Platforms

CoinMetro presents three intuitive user interfaces

  • SimplEX

This platform is for beginners providing the simplest and easiest way to buy and sell digital assets.

  • EXpress

EXpress is good for those who have experience in handling a crypto exchange. It offers a quick exchange of digital assets.

  • PRO

As the name shows, this platform is for more experienced users. It offers PRO Margin and Pro Trade for two-leg trades.

24/7 Support

CoinMetro’s customer team is available round the clock. You can contact the customer care team through live chat support or you can also send an email at [email protected]. CoinMetro has also launched a Telegram channel to interact with staff and the community. You can find CoinMetro on social media channels e.g. Medium, Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and LinkedIn.

CoinMetro Products


CoinMetro’s exchange platform is a valuable product to buy, sell, and trade cryptocurrencies with ease and peace of mind. This exchange platform offers a variety of features for both beginners and advanced traders. You can set up market, limit, and stop orders conveniently. Advanced indicator and automatic tools enable you to buy and sell crypto at your desired price. With the help of REST and Websocket APIs, designed skillfully by CoinMetro, you can integrate your trading strategies and use data in an efficient way. CoinMetro exchange platform also offers various options like profit sharing, off-chain transaction, and Atomic swap.

CoinMetro Products
CoinMetro Products
CoinMetro Charts
CoinMetro Charts

User-friendly Dashboard

CoinMetro’s exchange dashboard is functionally user-friendly and supports quick trades as you can buy or sell cryptocurrency at a fixed price quite easily. It is enclosed with precise trading, and orders placement at different price points. The dashboard shows the following.

  • Price chart
  • Order book
  • Limit orders
  • Sop orders
  • An overview of previous and pending orders
  1. Margin

Margin trading is different from exchange trading. In exchange trading when an exchange order is met, you exchange one asset with another asset, and the wallet balance updates instantly. In margin trading, you make an order to buy or sell an asset against another asset as you do in exchange trading. An open position is created with P/L (profit or loss) and your wallet balance does not get updated when the order is filled.

Margin trading is the trading of borrowed assets which often offers the use of leverage. While doing margin trading, you can also sell your assets in the hope of buying them back at a lower price. CoinMetro’s margin platform offers 5× leverage, advanced order types, and all the essential tools to automatically handle your buying and shorting(selling).

Steps to trade on CoinMetro Margin

  1. Open an account
  2. Verify your profile
  3. Fund your account
  4. Allocate funds as collateral
  5. Open new positions and start trading

Steps to Open a Margin Trade

  1. Select the pair
  2. Complete the order form
  3. Click the Buy or Sell button


  • Fee-less trading for makers
  • Advanced order types
  • ‘Time in Force’ customization
  • P/L (profit and loss) settlement in Euro
  • Lowest fees
CoinMetro BTC
CoinMetro BTC
  1. Copy Trading

This CoinMetro product allows users to reflect the manager-made trades. CoinMetro copy trading platform is known as TraM (Trade Mirror).

There are two types of TraMs:

  1. Public TraMs
  2. Private TraMs

Public TraMs are publicly visible while private TraMs are invisible and are accessible via a link shared by the manager.

In copy trading, a seasoned trading expert takes all the trading decisions on your behalf for a small management fee that ranges from 5% to 25%.

How Copytrade Works On CoinMetro?

1. Pick a trader
2. Mirror their crypto trades by adding Euro or Bitcoin
3. Let the Pro trader work for you

There are seven available fiat and cryptocurrencies to fund a TraM: EUR, USD, GBP, ETH, XTZ, XLM, and BTC.

CoinMetro Hunting
CoinMetro Hunting
CoinMetro Strategy
CoinMetro Strategy


  • General Stats shows:

Data submitted by the TraM manager and produced by trading and follower activity

  • Advanced Stats shows:

Trading overview of the TraM, e.g. Positions, Open Orders, Order History

  • My TraM Trades shows:

Your mirrored activity only

  • My TraM Wallet shows:

All realized Profit and/or Loss, either in Bitcoin or Euro, to your wallet

TraM Managers

The TraM managers involved in the process are profitable experienced traders as their trading history is screened. They trade with the help of the CoinMetro Margin platform with 1.5:1 leverage. TraM trading allows trading on the main pairs only such as BTC, ETH, XRP, BCH, LTC with Euro Fiat and BTC, ETH, XRP, BCH, LTC with BTC.

  1. Securities Marketplace

On Europe’s first end-to-end security token investment platform, you can start investing from just €10. It is a unique investment product that allows you associated rights of the company such as rights to profits, dividends, or shares from the company’s revenue.

When investors buy security tokens they get a stake (share) of the issuing company.

How It Works

CoinMetro Securities Marketplace works in three simple steps.

  1. Get a verified CoinMetro account. Choose from the tokenized securities i.e. bonds and equities
  2. Deposit funds e.g. fiat or cryptocurrencies
  3. Pick a project to start investing

CoinMetro’s secondary market is open to trade your security tokens. Once your exit, funds are back into your CoinMetro account.

CoinMetro Fees

Trading Fees

CoinMetro Trading fees fall under four categories.

  1. Exchange Platform
  2. Margin Platform
  3. Dashboard Swap
  4. Copy Trading
  5. Exchange Platform Fees
  • Maker Fee – 0% to 50%
  • Taker Fee – 0.1% to 20%
  1. Margin Platform Fees
  • Exchange Fee – 0.1% to 20%
  • Interest Fee – 0.08222% daily
  1. Dashboard Swap Fees
  • Swap Fee 0%
  • Fixed price (for 30 seconds)
  • Altering Exchange rate
  1. Copy Trading Fees
  • Exchange Fee – 0.1% to 20%
  • Manager Performance Fee – 5% to 25%
  • CoinMetro Performance Fee – 1% to 5%

Funding Fees

Deposit Fees

  • EUR – SEPA – €1
  • EUR – SWIFT – €5
  • USD – ACH – $5
  • USD – Domestic Wire – $50
  • GBP – Faster Payments – £1
  • AUD – SWIFT – $5
  • EU-issued credit/debit card 2.99%
  • Non-EU issued credit/debit card 4.99%
  • Cryptocurrencies – Free

Withdrawal Fees

  • EUR – SEPA – €1
  • EUR – SWIFT – €50
  • USD – ACH – $5
  • USD – Domestic Wire – $20
  • USD – International Wire – $50
  • GBP – Faster Payments – £1
  • AUD – SWIFT – $70
  • Ether and Ethereum-based cryptocurrencies 0.15% + Network Fees
  • Non-Ethereum-based Cryptocurrencies 0.15%

CoinMetro Competitors

  • Currency
  • Wazir X
  • Cryptopia
  • Consulting
  • eToroX
  • QuadrigaCX
  • Sebfor
  • Cryptocointrade
  • Spot-bitcoin
  • Superorder
  • Polygant
  • Cryptotag
  • Bitcoindepot
  • Crypto
  • Cryptorank
  • Executium
  • Phemex
  • WhiteBit
  • Mercury Cash
  • Trijo
  • Low Fees
  • Debit card
  • Authentic business model
  • Experienced team
  • User-friendly interface
  • Customer support
  • Mobile App for iOS and Android users
  • XCM is not useable outside the CoinMetro platform
  • No phone-supported customer service
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