LendaBit Review

P2P lending platforms are not a new phenomenon now. There is plenty to meet the needs of borrowers and lenders. LendaBit is a fintech startup to change the P2P lending industry. Our LendaBit Review will tell you more about this novel business model. What is LendaBit?LendaBit is an automated P2P ...

Crowdestor Review

Crowdfunding refers to raise small amounts of capital from a bunch of people like family members, friends, customers, and individual investors to finance a start-up. But it’s not always about a start-up. Crowdfunding is comparatively a firmer idea to invest in a new business than the traditional ...

Review Mintos

Mintos is the leading peer-to-peer lending marketplace in Europe. The company as many other FinTech startups origins from the Baltic area. Established in 2015 in Latvia the company has achieved tremendous growth. SPECEstablished2015Number of investors371,891Invested amount€ ...

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