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TradingView is an effective trading station with all the essential tools for a fine execution of trading strategies. The most advanced and sophisticated tools and a wide range of supplied data are workable for technical analysis. Let’s find out more about this online platform in our TradingView Review.

Tradingview Dogecoin
Tradingview Dogecoin

What is TradingView ?

TradingView is one of the largest cloud-based finance and social networks across the world. It is a strategy platform where first-rate charting, analysis, real-time data, and trading ideas are accessible to active users enabling them to spot opportunities in global markets. It was founded in 2011 and has served more than 15 million users so far worldwide providing them the best space to analyze markets.

What is TradingView

TradingView builds financial tools, charts, and software. It has come with the promise of no hidden charges and no sending of the users’ data to any hedge funds. That is why it has become the home of investors and traders as they built 100,000+ custom scripts and indicators. On TradingView 200,000+ trading ideas are shared every month. The mission of the company is to assist traders and investors to find out opportunities in markets and rely on them. Here, users can discover new concepts, research variations in markets, collaborate with other investors/traders, and practice trades on any modern browser.

How To Sign Up On TradingView ?

Signing up on TradingView is quite simple and easy. You can sign up with your Google, Facebook, Twitter, Yahoo, Apple, LinkedIn account, or email ID. To sign up for a free account using email, you need to provide a Username (changeable once only), email ID, and password. Then after some other formalities, you will press the ‘create an account’ button. An email will be sent to confirm your email ID. When you press the ‘active account’ button, you will be taken to another page where you have to upload your photo and provide your first and last name. Now, you are all set to go on with TradingView.

TradingView Features

Technical Analysis

TradingView platform provides highly technical analysis to cover the most popular trading concepts and in-depth market analysis.

TradingView technical analysis comes with:

  • 100+ prebuilt indicators
  • 50+ intelligent drawing tools
  • Volume Profile indicators
  • Candlestick patterns
  • Multi-timeframe analysis
  • Indicator on indicator within 1 click
  • Custom indicator templates
  • Auto Fib Retracement

Intuitive Charts

TradingView charts are replete with tons of options and secure cloud. There is no need to install or update these charts.


TradingView platform makes sure that you don’t miss any alerts. There are 12 alert conditions applicable to indicators, strategies, and drawing tools. These alerts are backed up on powerful servers.


Screener is a powerful filtering tool. You can search for any specific stocks, cryptos, or currencies. The screener accompanies:

  • Multiple timeframes
  • 100+ fundamental and technical fields
  • Flagged symbol colors
  • Server-side alerts

Direct Access to Data

TradingView provides direct access to available data in real-time and from any device. The data includes prominent stock exchanges, global currency pairs, worldwide indexes, 30+ crypto exchanges, global economic data, real-time context news, hotlists, economic and earnings calendars.


As of the largest social trading platforms, TradingView offers real-time access to traders from more than 100 countries. Trading ideas are available on charts and in video form. You can view and publish, or watch and record trading ideas.

Simulated Account

TradingView facilitates its users with the help of a simulated account with fake money to practice paper trading and achieve proficiency on the platform.


Multiple enhanced watchlists are available for quick access to symbols. You can save, import, or export them at any time. These watchlists come with:

  • Flagged symbol colors
  • Custom columns and sorting

Mobile and Desktop Apps

Always keep your trading at your fingertips with100% synchronized TradingView mobile app downloadable from Google Play Store and App Store, or for lively desktop experience use Desktop App with native multi-color support.

Global Markets

TradingView is designed to keep global markets in your hand with hundreds of data feeds having direct access to 50+ stock exchanges, real-time context news, up to 20,000 bars, 30+ most popular crypto exchanges, financial and global economic data, and economic and earning calendars.


TradingView’s trading ideas predictions, market analyses, or trade set-ups, and can relate to any asset such as currencies, stocks, futures, or risk management, trading psychology, and trading plans. These ideas are of great importance to improve your trading skills.


TradingView’s public library of indicators and strategies has two types of scripts i.e. indicators and strategies. These indicators and strategies can generate alerts and backtest respectively.

USD/BTC TradingView

More than 200 coins are present on the TradingView crypto market. BTC-USD is the most popular pair in the world and the same is the case with U.S Dollar and Bitcoin pair on TradingView. BTC TradingView is open source as anyone can take because its design is public and no one holds this crypto.


The latest news is presented on the TradingView platform to make you understand the different fundamental factors prevailing in the market.

Mobile App

TradingView offers a free and easily downloadable from App Store and Google Play Store mobile app. It adds to ease of use as you can check the prices of stocks anywhere and anytime. Chat room service enables you to connect with other traders.

Customer Support

TradingView renders customer service on a priority basis. Basic Users have no access to customer service while the Pro, Pro+, and Premium Users have Regular, Priority, and First Priority support respectively.

TradingView Products

  1. Chart

Charting is a unique product by TradingView to fulfill all-around needs. They are used by 10,000’s websites and millions of traders worldwide. These charts are easy to integrate and built for developers, by developers. There are consistently updating thousands of bars, hundreds of drawings, dozens of indicators. TradingView builds new features and integrates them with the charting solutions. A blend of HTML5, CSS, and Canvas causes these charts flexible enough to work on any operating system, device, and browser.

Operating Systems

  • Mac OS
  • Windows
  • iOS
  • Android
  • Linux


  • Desktop
  • Tablet
  • Phone


  • Chrome
  • Firefox
  • Edge
  • Safari
  • Internet Explorer

Chart Types

  • Candlesticks & Bars
  • Area & Line
  • Baseline
  • Hollow Candles
  • Heikin Ashi
  • Renko
  • Point-and-Figure
  • Line Break
  • Kagi


  • Mobile friendly
  • Super responsive
  • Interactivity
  • 50+ intelligent drawing tools
  • 80+ technical indicators
  • Indicator templates
  • Advanced price scaling
  • Time intervals & date ranges
  • Flexible styling
  • Watchlists


  • With the help of indicators and chart objects, you can analyze charts
  • You can save your ideas and their explanations privately or publicly
  • You can set up alerts and run backtests of automated strategies
  • If your broker supports the TradingView platform, you can trade the currency pair
  1. Pine Script

Pine Script is a scripting language of TradingView. It was designed as a lightweight language to develop indicators and strategies. Users can create custom indicators and run them TradingView servers. Pine aims to be easily accessible and understandable for the most across the board. Pine Script different from other client-side programming languages as it is a cloud-based language. TradingView is keen to improve Pine’s documentation and support to make it easier to learn and use. When a script is written in Pine Script, it is made up of functions and variables. Functions are the instructions and tell the required calculations while the variables save the values which are created during those calculations.


  • Alerts
  • Arrays
  • Bar states
  • Context switching and the security function
  • Drawings
  • Extended and regular sessions
  • Indicator repainting
  • Non-standard chart types data
  • Session and time information
  • Strategies
  1. Stock Screener

TradingView’s Stock Screener is a powerful tool to sort, scan, and filter stocks. It works on the movement of stocks in pre-market and post-market hours. You can use the Stock Screener tool to find the most active, liquid, or fast-moving stocks. With the help of prebuilt scans and fundamental metrics, you can create your own personal stock scans.

The Stock Screener is easy to use because of a sliding scale that it uses to set the screening process. You can view and analyze the data for a longer time until the beginning of the next session.

  1. Forex Screener

Forex Screener is one of the three screeners available on the TradingView platform. Forex Screener helps to monitor multiple currency pairs quickly. It is an essential tool for those traders who trade in different currency pairs. It helps them automate the monitoring process. Current values, daily change, daily high & low, and a rating are available on the Forex screener by default. You can customize the Forex screener with lots of indicators and other settings. You can filter currency pairs, set alerts, add your own columns, and save them for later use according to your trading plans and preferences.

  1. Crypto Screener

Crypto Screener enables its users to filter cryptocurrencies. There are various timeframes, technical indicators, and metrics like the closing price, total and available number of coins, traded volume, and price change percentage available. To find the highest performing crypto pairs, you can sort and filter by 100+fields and create custom screens. You can also set alerts, save templates, and more with Crypto Screener.

  1. Economic Calendar

Economic Calendar is a useful widget on TradingView. It demonstrates upcoming economic events, announcements, and news. According to event importance, you can manage your Economic Calendar with the help of available filters.

  1. Earnings Calendar

TradingView Earning Calendar keeps you on top of your trading as all earning announcements are present in one single calendar. It is easy to track companies regarding their earnings declarations. Each available company’s date, estimated EPS, and reported EPS are accessible. You are recommended to include the earnings per share indicator in your fundamental analysis to know any company’s profitability.

TradingView Fees

TradingView offers four types of plans for its users with monthly and annual subscriptions. The annual plans accompany 2 months off offer.

  1. Basic Plan – free

This plan is best for new traders and investors.


  • Charts
  • Worldwide market data
  • Versatile screeners
  • 50+ smart drawing tools
  • 100k+ technical indicators
  • 12 customizable chart types
  • Backtesting
  1. Pro Plan – Free 30-days trial – $14.95/month – $155/year

Pro plan provides distraction-free trading and investing.

Features (everything included in Basic Plan and)

  • 5 indicators per chart
  • 2 charts in one window
  • 10 server-side alerts
  • Ad-free
  • Volume profile indicators
  • Custom time intervals
  • Multiple enhanced watchlists
  • Bar replay
  1. Pro+ Plan – Free 30-days trial – $29.95/month – $299/year

This plan is best for those who want to take things to the next level.

Features (everything included in Pro plan and)

  • 10 indicators per hart
  • 4 charts in one layout
  • 30 server-side alerts
  • Intraday exotic charts
  • Charts based on custom formulas
  • Chart data export
  • Indicators on indicators
  1. Premium Plan – Free 30-days trial –$ 59.95/month – $599/year

Premium Plan imparts the highest precision and maximum data.

Features (a complete package)

  • 25 indicators per chart
  • 8 charts in one layout
  • 400 server-side alerts
  • Second-based intervals
  • Never expiring alerts
  • 20k bars
  • Publishing invite-only indicators

TradingView Alternative

  • YCharts
  • Telemet America
  • Ninja Trader
  • Alpaca
  • MultiCharts
  • Koyfin
  • Sentieo
  • Investools
  • Code red
  • MarketSmith
  • BizTalk360
  • Google Firebase Crashlytics
  • G2 Storefront
  • Service Cloud Einstein
  • Panorama Necto
  • MetaStock
  • TC2000
  • 30-days free trial available with 3 paid plans
  • Cloud-based technical analysis
  • Access to charts from seasoned investors
  • Companies’ reports for better investment decisions
  • Real-time news about the stock market
  • In-built calendar with key events
  • Customizable options for traders
  • Chat room service
  • Global stock exchanges
  • Flexible backtesting
  • Paper trading
  • No access to level 2 data with paper trading
  • Premium plan is expensive
  • No available offline
  • Limited deep backtesting
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